Solar Street Lights

Enertia offers the best in class solar street lights from Sharp and Su-Kam. With over 5000 installations last year,the CFL, LED and SOX range of solar street lights come with the following main features:

Main Features
  • High Efficiency Poly Crystalline Module (IEC-61215/61730 Certified)
  • Tubular Low Maintenance Lead Acid battery with Large Electrolyte Capacity for long life (around 5 to 6 years) & low topping requirement (once in Six Months).
  • High quality CFL Lamps (Osram/ Phillips), LED Lamps (Cree/ Seoul Semiconductor) and SOX Lamps (GE/Phillips/Osram).
  • Auto Dusk to Dawn Operation to eliminate manual switching requirement.
  • 3 days battery backup to provide un-interrupted operation during Non-sunny days.
  • Polymer based battery box & Luminaire casing for longer life (more than 20 years) and no corrosion.
  • 5/6/7 Mtrs, 3- stage MS, Zinc plated, Powder coated Pole for wider light spread, better look and high wind speed resistance
  • It is individually powered, independent of grid supply, it offers a high degree of reliability and reduces security risk in the event of grid supply failure.



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